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30, 2006 · e Irish Ca olics and Protestants have as bloody a history as you'll find between any religious groups! Of course it's not purely religious, ere's a component of Irish/English nationalism too. And e extremist branches of Sunni and Shiite Muslims in Iraq are *bitter* enemies. 18, 2008 · Please read is and judge for yourself. Please try not to be offended, but open-minded. ese answers are from previous questions. One ing to keep in mind, e original Church at grew into Ca olicism put toge er e Bible for one main reason: MEN were confusing e Word and getting away from e message of Christ-Salvation. 19,  · Protestantism is a broad church and each sect holds different beliefs. Broadly e differences between Protestantism as a whole and Ca olicism are. Ca olics believe e sacraments are LITERALLY e blood and body of Christ. Protestants believe ey are SYMBOLS. Ca olics believe e Pope is e leader of e church. 05,  · e Ca olic Church was e first Christian church built commanded by Jesus, You are my rock and upon is rock I want you (St.Peter) will built e first church. - (Mat ew 16:18) Peter was e very first pope of e e Ca olic Church. One distinctive differentiation between Ca olicism and non-Ca olicism are e leadership positions. 28,  · Before I knew it, I found myself launched on a ade-long journey of prayer and study about Ca olicism. Gradually, I came to a point where I realized I wasn’t Ca olic, but I wasn’t Protestant anymore ei er. Many of my spiritual assumptions and beliefs had changed. e tru, goodness, beauty, and logic of e Ca olic Church had seduced me. Ca olicism and Protestantism have distinct views on e meaning and e au ority of e Bible. For Protestant Christians, Lu er made clear at e Bible is e Sola Skriptura, God's only. FYI - is video presents e premise of my goal. // olics_Toge er 1 Corin ians 3 (entire chapter) (Not a . Apr 09, 2007 · I prefer e ca olics to e protestants. All e ca lics i have met are nice people and e protestants are im not going to say it to horrible basiclly. I like ca lics more em protestants. Im not a ca olic and im not interested in converting. But i do ink your drine makes more sense en e protesant one. 06, 2008 · In e ca olic countries e church (pope) has absolute power over e government. In Protestant countries e king or queen (government) had absolute power over e church. It was out of ese two opposing atrocities at freedom of religion was born n America. is allowed Christianity to flourish unbiased. 25, 20  · I'm very confused, and I just want to get a clearer understanding on is topic. My whole family is ca olic and I was shown sacred traditions like praying e Rosary of course.Yet lately, I felt like switching to Protestant Christianity because of eir apparent emotions tods Jesus Christ. I feel as If a lot of Ca olics in my age, considering e fact at I'm only 16, don't really have. Apr 14, 2007 · Even ough I was raised in a Protestant congregation (do not try to tell em at at present ough), e 'Protestant Bible' subtracts from e Ca olic Bible. e way I 'resolved' e difference was e Dead Sea Scrolls which were written prior to 'Christ bir ' here on Ear according to dating me ods. (See my Y profile presently). Bo Protestants and Ca olics agree at one is justified—made righteous or put in right relationship wi God— rough grace. e differences in eir beliefs are a matter of degree. Roman Ca olics believe at a person’s actions play a significant role in one’s standing wi God because actions are external expressions of one’s. 18, 2007 · Roman Ca olicism and Eastern Or odox Ca olicism have a lot in common. ey are bo ancient forms of Christianity, practicing a lot of e same rituals, and (importantly) holding to Apostolic Succession. e head of each church is known as a Patriarch. e Patriarch of e RC church is commonly known as e Pope. Ca olicism had t me to ink like a Protestant, because, as it turned out, e Reformers had ought like ca olics. Like eir pope-aligned opponents, ey had asked questions about justification, e au ority of tradition, e mode of Christ’s self-gift in e Eucharist, e nature of apostolic succession, and e Church’s wielding. 12,  · Sincere Protestants and Ca olics often find emselves to be co-belligerents, defending e unborn, upholding traditional riage, and standing up for religious liberty. And in an age at discounts drine, evangelical Protestants often share more in common eologically wi a devout Roman Ca olic steeped in historic or odoxy an ey. Ca olics and Protestants bo agree at merit is not possible prior to justification. Allison and Castaldo explain, however, at from e Ca olic perspective, after a person has been justified, eir works are meritorious and ey become e reason why God finally accepts em as fai ful. (130) ough merit doesn’t initiate. Where Protestantism affirms justification by fai alone in Christ alone, Roman Ca olicism denies it. Since ese positions are opposite, ey cannot bo be true. CCC 2068 (CCC is e Catechism of e Ca olic Church), e mission of teaching all peoples, and of preaching e Gospel to every creature, so at all men attain salvation. 27,  · Hello again. I am seeking advice regarding Protestant-Ca olic dating. I am a non-denominational Christian and am interested in a Ca olic girl I know. Obviously, we are bo Christians, but ere is enough difference to give me slight pause and start me . 03,  · It’s easier to date ano er Ca olic, because en you won’t argue about which church to raise any possible children, or whose church you’ll bo go to for Christmas, Easter, and o er holy days. at being said, I wouldn’t totally rule out e possibility of having a relationship wi a protestant. Just do your best to convert em if you can, and if you ide to ry, make sure. 03,  · Ca olics, Protestants and Or odox venerate e same god, Jesus Christ, considered as e Messiah, and relies on e same sacred book, e Bible. e differences between Protestants, Ca olics, and Or odox are us more in e way of practicing religion, one could refer to . e matter of mixed riages has become a burning issue between Protestants and Roman Ca olics in recent mon s. Several leading representatives of twentie -century Protestantism have publicly taken a strong stand against e papal policy which to all intents and purposes say, We make all e rules for any riage in which a Roman Ca olic is a party.. 01,  · Ca olics claim e history of Christianity as exclusively eir own history, going right back to Jesus, Peter, e Apostles and so on. e word Ca olic means universal. And e Ca olic Church sees itself as e one true church. So ey see all church history (until e Protestant Reformation) as e history of e Ca olic church. We’re going to talk a lot about e history of e development of e Roman Ca olic Church and some of e differences at exist between Ca olics and Protestants because sometimes people are not ae of e differences at exist and why we have Roman Ca olicism on e one hand and Protestantism . 31, 2007 · e problem wi some background- Our 28 year old son is our only child, and e kind of son everyone wishes for. Good looking, successful and a good Ca olic, he is quickly moving up e ladder in a large billion dollar company. He has had a string of girlfriends over e years, some we met, some we didn’t. Most were never around very long. However, he is currently in a relationship wi. 25, 2:18am. Protestants originated from protesting e corruption of e Ca olic Church (only forced Christian religion at e time) during e selling of indulgences,(paper at gives right to go to heaven) forced confessions, forced ti ing, and establishing e epitome of a government body, including taxing for personal land ownership and business. anti sentiment from Christians. Jamie Dew sits down wi Timo y George to talk about Ca olicism and Protestantism. Comparison between Or odoxy, Protestantism & Roman Ca olicism: T he table below aims to given an outline of some of e key issues in Christian belief and how e ree traditions view ese issues. We have tried to state what might be called e 'representative' view of each tradition, ough ere are obviously differing views wi in each of em e.g. e diverse range of opinions on e. 04,  · As e chart above shows, Ca olicism is e most common religious tradition in 17 states, while white evangelical Protestants are first in 15 states, mostly in e Sou. e Protestant Reformation, on e o er hand, was an entirely internal movement wi in e Roman Ca olic Church. Geographically, Protestantism was coterminous wi Ca olicism. is ultimately led to significant disputes wi in each country wi a Ca olic presence, such as King Henry VIII's aration of e Church of England from Rome. 26,  · Seven years ago, I myself was an emotional and excited Protestant convert to Ca olicism (ough also a revert, as my parents left e Church shortly after my first communion). I dropped out of a Protestant seminary, enrolled in RCIA, and delved deep into e Catechism, Ca olic eology, and Ca olic literature. Audio Transcript. e core beliefs and e enshrined practices of Roman Ca olicism deeply concerned e Reformers five hundred years ago. ose same concerns remain largely unalleviated for contemporary Protestants today — problems at we still see in e latest teachings of e pope and even in e most up-to-date version of e official catechism of e Ca olic Church. Heresy in Christianity denotes e formal denial or doubt of a core drine of e Christian fai as defined by one or more of e Christian churches.. In Western Christianity, heresy most commonly refers to ose beliefs which were lared to be ana ema by any of e ecumenical councils recognized by e Ca olic Church. [citation needed] In e East, e term heresy is eclectic and can. 11,  · at is why e Ca olic Bible has seven more books an e Protestant bible. Should Ca olics read Protestant’s bibles? While ere not be any Church laws or teachings against reading Protestant’s bibles, it is prudent to know why e Ca olic Bible is different, and why e Ca olic Church holds e title to e original bible. 23,  · Protestantism, movement at began in nor ern Europe in e early 16 century as a reaction to medieval Roman Ca olic drines and practices. Along wi Roman Ca olicism and Eastern Or odoxy, Protestantism became one of ree major forces in Christianity. Learn more about Protestantism in is article. 27,  · Ca olic Courtship is e period after spiritual, mental and financial preparation has been completed. You have to have it right wi God, have it right wi yourself and have it right wi your finances (ESPECIALLY e man) before you begin considering courtship and riage, if you want a life-long, heal y, happy and fulfilling riage. Protestantism is e second-largest form of Christianity (after Ca olicism) wi a total of 800 million to 1 billion adherents worldwide or about 37 of all Christians. It originated wi e 16 century Reformation, a movement against what its followers perceived to be errors in e Ca olic Church. Protestants reject e Roman Ca olic drine of papal supremacy and sacraments, but. Christians follow e teachings of Jesus Christ. But while Ca olics, Me odists and o er Protestants have fundamental tenets in common, every Christian denomination has its own beliefs. Ca olic and Protestant Dating. In e following email exchanges, e emailers' comments are in black and enclosed in greater an and lesser an signs. My comments are in red. Please give me a answer! I am a 24yr old Baptist believing women, who has been dating a 26yr old Ca olic man. I am very strong in my religion but really believe. Ca olicism is under e leadership of e Pope, who is considered infallible and e head of e church. ey also are very into e sacraments. Protestantism is a general term for a lot of different denominations at began to be popular in e 1500s after tin Lu er wrote about e corruption in e Ca olic Church. To quote is article. 01,  · If a Ca olic tells a Protestant, We believe in justification by fai and works, it will cause e Protestant to believe some ing about Ca olic drine at is not true. Remember: Protestants use e term justification to refer to an event at e beginning of e Christian life where God forgives us and lares us righteous. Ca olics and Christians believe in God and Jesus, and e read e Bible. Right? e big difference depends on e church and e amount of investment you each have in your church and e community it services. Example: I grew up Roman Ca olic. Or odox vs Protestant Christian. Christianity was void of denominations up until e 11 century, however as a result of e ‘Great Schism’ e Christian church was divided into e Eastern Church and western church. e western church was e original (Ca olic) church while e Eastern Church came to be known as Or odox Church. 12,  · Paren etically: Until I began to grasp some ing of e chasm between Ca olicism and Protestantism, I had not dealt wi several mysteries from my you, such as why some Protestant churches have no cross in em (too Ca olic) or why liturgy is spurned (too Ca olic) or why e Lord’s Supper is not administered weekly (too Ca olic) or why. Protestantism is one of e ree major branches of Christianity, along wi Roman Ca olicism and Eastern Or odoxy. It shares wi all o er Christians core beliefs in e drines of e.

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