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As people around e globe flock to revel in e latest CGI-enhanced dystopian fantasy, it is interesting to ask could Planet of e Apes actually happen? In Pierre Boulle’s original 1963 el, space traveler Ulysse Mérou becomes trapped on a terrifying planet in which gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees have seized control, having. 12,  · Take e apes’ transition from ordinary chimpiness to hyper-intelligence, as laid out in ’s Rise of e Planet of e Apes. It comes about rough an experimental virus at alters e. 2. is answer is not useful. Show activity on is post. As question is posted answer is NO. Apes, as we have em in real Ear, cannot take e place of humans. In spite of having a genome 98+ equal to humans chimpanzee still lack at 2 enabling em to fill e gap. ,  · No. Great Apes are native to tropical climates. Most of em do poorly in cooler climates. Even if all humans were gone apes could not take over areas more an 35 or 40 degrees from e equator. e winters would kill em. Answered 5, . be but it will never be at extreme at e movies portray. Even if e apes can learn how to use our equipment like guns and vehicle, e revolt will quickly die down. 06,  · A2A I’m an optimistic bloke, so I’ll say, why not!?! I’d love to see chimpanzees driving around Ubers or gorilla baristas at Starbucks or bonobos astronauts exploring space and do all e amazing stuff we do and perhaps surpass us. However, lets s. Rise of e Planet of e Apes be pure summer fiction, but e prospect of primates becoming remote is less far-fetched an you might ink. Google Tag Manager 02, 8:05 AM EST. 23,  · e seven billion of us on e planet today share our world wi e last remaining great apes. e chimpanzee, bonobo and gorilla in equatorial Africa, and e orangutan in Indonesia represent e last surviving tips of what was once a great lineage at dominated Ear 's ecosystem for millions of . 03,  · Rise of e Planet of e Apes is Hollywood’s next attempt to milk an old franchise. Planet of e Apes is probably one of e greatest Science-Fiction movie franchises, but ere have always been problems wi e basic plot of e movie. e problem is at a Planet of e Apes could never happen. Here are e reasons.. Population. 02,  · Many people have seen e popular Planet of e Apes series and have asked emselves, could is actually happen? Wi how similar human and ape seem to be, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched at wi e studies and experiments developing primates’ intelligence, ey could come to a point where ey reach close to e human intelligence levels, be even enough to realize ey could . 26,  · Finding out at Rod Serling was a screenwriter on e 1968 sci-fi classic Planet of e Apes often surprises his fans. And yet, as soon as ey ink of at legendary shock ending, it makes perfect sense. Note, however, at I said a screenwriter. Al ough he . 20,  · Spoilers ahead for for e Planet of e Apes. By e ird film in e blockbuster Planet of e Apes series, it seems like e franchise should . Apr 20,  · [Watch Dawn Of e Planet Of e Apes on Sky Movies] YES It could happen, says Professor Volker Sommer, an evolutionary an ropologist and ape expert from University College London. e average. Planet of e Apes is an American science fiction media franchise consisting of films, books, television series, comics, and o er media about a world in which humans and intelligent apes clash for control. e franchise is based on French au or Pierre Boulle's 1963 el La Planète des singes, translated into English as Planet of e Apes or Monkey Planet. 03,  · Welcome to e Planet of e Apes, except now you’re e ape, and you live on is planet. Right now, I’m going to explain e Planet of e Apes dating eory to you, so you fully understand how primal we are as human beings. Just because we have a brain, doesn’t mean at we’re not just animals. We’re so primal we don’t even. 16,  · If [apes] had e impetus of fire and were beginning to stand upright for long periods, ey could develop and become e dominant species. ey would definitely win in a fight – but only if. 13,  · is weekend, many of us will watch an army of retrovirus-modified apes wage brutal against humanity. Unquestionably, chimpanzees on horseback, machine gun-wielding gorillas, and tutoring orangutans make spectacular eater, but could for e Planet of e Apes happen in reality?. In Pierre Boulle’s original 1963 Planet of e Apes el, space traveler Ulysse Mérou . 21,  · e original Planet of e Apes film begat four more, from 1970 to 1973, of lining plausibility as e science faded: Benea e Planet of e Apes, Escape from e Planet of e Apes. 29,  · e Planet of e Apes prequels did much to explain how humans lost eir status as e dominant species on e planet — a cataclysmic set of events . 03,  · In anticipation of next week’s release of Dawn of e Planet of e Apes, 20 Century Fox and VICE’s Mo erboard have unveiled Island of e Apes, a documentary at explores. 16,  · I started watching Planet of e Apes, and also e Rise and Dawn of e Planet of e Apes. It got me inking as to if some ing like at could really happen I m really scared now and can t sleep inking at tomorrow I could wake up and e world could be over run by Apes. Does e government have a plan in case some ing like is were to happen? I don t want to be killed or taken. Planet of e Apes is a 1968 American science fiction film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner.It stars Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter, Maurice Evans, James Whitmore, James Daly and Linda Harrison. e screenplay by Michael Wilson and Rod Serling was loosely based on e 1963 French el La Planète des Singes by Pierre Boulle. Jerry Goldsmi composed e groundbreaking avant-garde. 05,  · e Rise of e Planet of e Apes, which opens today, taps into e fear at our primate kin could transform into angry biological doppelgangers. . 16,  · e Planet of e Apes. A dystopian future in e afterma of a worldwide nuclear at devastates e planet. Humans are scarce, apes are e new apex predators. In-between takes, e cast of Planet of e Apes headed to refrigerated trailers in order to preserve eir make-up. ey were even given cigarette holders so ey could smoke wi eir ape faces still attached. Intriguingly, Charlton Heston once noted at e actors were so immersed in eir ape roles at ey self-segregated off camera, in accordance wi e species ey were. Planet of e Apes be science fiction, but ere’s a surprising amount of science going on in ese movies. e lab-borne virus at wiped out e majority of humanity seem wildly. 21,  · e complete Planet of e Apes timeline is actually made up of four arate continuities established over e course of e entire franchise. To date, e Planet of e Apes movie franchise spans nearly 50 years and includes e original pentalogy, a 2001 remake directed by Tim Burton, and a reboot trilogy starring Andy Serkis. Pierre Boulle's 1963 el La Planète des Singes . 15,  · While witnessing at we have stayed on e same planet roughout – like in Planet of e Apes - we would be completely turning e rules of e game upside down. Now we just need to figure out what e role of public policy is in making is happen. 31,  · Planet of e Apes. e best ing at can be said about Ubisoftâ€s adaptation of Planet of e Apes is at itâ€s based on e classic 1968 movie and not e old Tim Burton remake. Aside from at one reprieve, itâ€s exactly e kind of cookie-cutter movie spin-off we could . 01, 2001 · Stephen Colbert asks if Planet of e Apes could happen. Stephen Colbert finds a tie-in to e Planet of e Apes phenomenon by asking if e day is coming at apes will watch us eat our poop. e Daily Show wi Jon Stet. Dawn of e Planet of e Apes 1 is e first issue in BOOM! Studios' six part series detailing e gap between e films Rise of e Planet of e Apes and Dawn of e Planet of e Apes. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters 3.1 Apes 3.2 Humans 4 Gallery 5 Trivia Wi e bir of Ash, Caesar begins to ink about ways to secure e future for his colony. He sends e aggressive militaristic chimp. for e Planet of e Apes brought an end to Caesar’s story, but e Planet of e Apes franchise will continue. We found out in ember at a new film was on e way from e Maze Runner. ,  · Now you know what to do if a Planet of e Apes situation occurs, but is an ape takeover actually plausible? Host Quinn Beswick breaks down e likelihood of a primate invasion. Rise of e Planet of e Apes director Rupert Wyatt has said at e next film in e series could see e apes adapt to live in human environments.. e movie starring James Franco and Freida. 29,  · Tim Burton’s attempt to reboot e Planet Of e Apes franchise is regarded as a catastrophic failure. While it was actually a box office success, it was roundly chastised by critics because of. 27,  · Planet of e Apes 4 could start virtual production soon per director Wes Ball, who promises e new film will feel like part of e recent Caesar trilogy. 20,  · e 1968 movie e 'Planet of e Apes' is about our origin. But e movie was made and viewed BEFORE Sitchin's first book ' e 12 Planet'. e movie follows e script of ' e Lost Book of Enki' (2002) which was published near e end of Sitchin's career (he died 20). How Hollywood got e information. 14,  · for e Planet of e Apes, e ird film in e rebooted Planet of e Apes series, opens in eaters tonight. is new string of films got started wi Rise of e Planet of e Apes . 15,  · 'Dawn of e Planet of e Apes,' e preceding film in e franchise, pulled in a heal y $ 7 million from China, but e late dating could hurt e new film's earnings. 17,  · Dawn of e Planet of e Apes is currently rocking cinemas and getting great reviews, it is also showing us a very bleak interpretation of a possible future for our. So Ball could continue to show how Ear evolved into a planet of talking apes, or fast ford and give us e story from a human perspective, like at original film and e 2001 Tim Burton. e omens were not good for Rise of e Planet of e Apes.Attempting to revive a franchise at was left in tatters by Tim Burton's lacklustre remake of e original Apes movie was a tough. e brief clip – designed to act as a bridge between Rise of e Planet of e Apes and e new film – shows at simian flu is running wild, and at mankind has no real way to stop it. Humans, once rulers of our planet, are now dying off in record numbers, and society is collapsing. Dating & relationships. e Maze Runner and Planet of e Apes. Whe er is is a subtle confirmation at James Cameron’s planned four and fif Avatar films will actually happen.

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