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05,  · Your most embarrassing period moments revealed! After going for a swim wi my crush, we sat by e campfire to dry off.He placed his arm around my shoulder and it was really cute.Au or: Seventeen Magazine. Apr 13,  · It was so embarrassing, but I couldn't leave, she told ie Claire about e first time she got her period while filming Hannah Montana. And I was crying, begging my mom, 'You're going to . 29,  · My period came early, and and ere was a fair amount of blood on my ass/ e back part of my body. At first I ought be I’d broken his phone, and he Au or: Hannah Smo ers. Apr 23,  · I was 11 and on my first trip to Europe. My stomach started cramping but I ought it was just jet lag or some ing I ate. But en my period showed up while staying at a charming bed. 15,  · First period: was my sister’s roller skate bir day party. Went to pee and saw blood. Instead I used toliet paper for 3 more days because my best friend had just had a super embarrassing first period/becoming a woman party a week before. Cupcakes wi raspberry filling. Condom party favors. and I have a period story. Years ago. is a place for all women and menstruators to share eir unique first period stories, whe er ey be funny, cringe-wor y or just plain awkd. Help start e conversation and end e stigma around menstruation by submitting your first period story! 03,  · e first time I got my period, I was in ShopRite. I knew some ing was odd when I went in e ba room (it was e kind wi more an one stall, so my mom was waiting by e sinks). Home Funny 0 Embarrassing Dirty Photos You Must See (Part 7 - Wedding set you FREE) 0 Embarrassing Dirty Photos You Must See (Part 7 - Wedding set you FREE) I honestly ought is was an optical illusion at first but nope. e bridesmaid is 0 deep- roating e bride’s arm – impressive. . is little boy’s curiosity has. 30,  · 40 Most Embarrassing Moments Cht On Camera. Loren Bebensee y 30, . Share is via Facebook. ese photos could not have been taken at a more perfect time. Some will make you feel awkd, some will creep you out, and some will crack you up. Hope you enjoy!. What was he doing to get her to look like at? Well is isnt my period story but I was so close to e vicinity of it at I just had to talk about is incident. She's my friend now so she'll forgive me. I hope. Back in high school I sat next to an irritating girl (lets call her D) who would. Today's video was suggested to me rough an instagram poll. A lot of you wanted me to do a period story time so here it. I hope you enjoy lol. It was pre. Apr 13,  ·. First time One evening after a few drinks, is younger boy and I were lying on e ground wi our pants off and making out. We removed our . 13,  · Embarrassing Funny Period Stories Anecdotes. e first time I realized at I was supposed to be ashamed of my body I was in my school cafeteria eating lunch. I was . . My embarrassing period story: was when I was walking around at my freind's house and her bro er saw e blood on my pants! It was embarrassing because a boy saw e blood, and he was 16 years old!-Tayla, 13-18. I was in heal class and I felt all crampy and weird. I asked to use e ba room. 11,  · Well, one day I had my period and I always kept my tampons in e front pocket of my backpack. e guy pulled one out, inking it was candy. Next ing i know he’s shoving it back in my hand saying sorry. I look at him and he’s bright red in e face and in my hand is e tampon halfway out and hastily shoved back in e packaging. 05,  · I got my first period e summer between fif grade and six grade. I had just turned , was e first of my friends to get it, and felt like it was super weird at I got it so early. I didn. my first period story is very funny and strange,when iam year old, i came to house from school and watching movies in tv suddenly, i feel some ing poop in my vulva, i ought its not period, it just my vaginal discharge but en i again feel poops now at time i went to wahroom and put off e school pant and saw a strange ing in my vulva Ohhh.hhhhhh it just **** in my leg. Embarrassing Funny Period Stories Anecdotes. Body. written by Sara Coughlin. is article was first published in I spread my coat over ree tough plastic chairs, lay down on e. 11,  · e first time I had my period was on . 1, 2001. I was 13 and I had been waiting for at day for a good year. I remember e exact date because I had celebrated Halloween wi my . Real girls share eir period horror stories. For us girls, periods are just a part of life. Once e initial shock of dealing wi your first period is over, e mon ly routine and its side effects become somewhat second nature. And yet, we all have our fair share of embarrassing period moments. Even e best of us can’t escape Mo er. 18,  · 8 period stories at are so awkd, you'll never want to have one again My first day is always my heaviest and back when I was a few years younger, e first . My period made me ‘impure.' – aki, 16, Nepal When I had my first period, I felt so scared. I didn’t want to tell my family, so I went to my neighbour’s house, says aki. I didn’t take a ba for e first ree days. en, my friend’s mo er tore a piece from an old saree for me to use as a sanitary pad. . Hey guys ank you for watching I love you guys so much and if you have any suggestions please comment em down below ank you💕💕 Follow me on Instagram: @o. I've told is story for years, at first to o er girls my age (it was a annual tradition at summer camp and was dubbed e Florida Story by my group of friends) and it definitely made em feel. Periods, puberty, bras, no ing like at. Even asking questions was embarrassing. e day I got my period, I kind of knew what to do (following my mom and older sister everywhere sometimes pays off!), but still I was pretty clueless. e night I got my first period, I wanted to tell my mom but I . 11 Of e Most Embarrassing And Awkd Stories From e Gyno’s Stirrups by Grace Eire Grace plays in a band and is e mo er to a black cat named Fitzhugh. 26,  · Once on a first date, e girl I was wi asked about my favorite comedians (my dating profile says I love stand-up). I named a few, and she asked if I was a fan of one well-known comedian. What was your first period like? Readers tell eir stories. She of course, told my dad, who, on e way to my grandmo er’s house (she babysat us) told me all of e most embarrassing ings about his sister’s period mishaps, and effectively t me to be ashamed of my new bodily function. 12,  · be at girl ate some ing so spicy she simply couldn’t wait even for a couple of seconds before getting in e shot. What is even weirder is e fact at e girl taking e photo doesn’t even seem to care. be she ought her friend wouldn’t get in e photo but she clearly should have been paying more attention. Your post got me. At first I was like, I don't have any period stories, but you reminded me at last summer I started a week early after having morning in a tent wi my husband while camping wi all of his family. We ought I was so wet and didn't notice until after. It was everywhere. Getting your period is bad enough, but getting it at work makes it at much worse. It can make for some embarrassing moments, especially when you're not prepared, as ese stories show. 18 women are sharing eir embarrassing stories about getting eir periods at . Read e Embarrassing ing from e story Period Stories by silly_pills_4ever (Silly pills) wi 11,927 reads. funny, stories, period. Okay so it was a Monday. 18,  · e first embarrising story is when I go my period, I was sitting next to my friend named Fred. I used to tell him every ing so en I came back from e ba room and was like crap I just got my period and I dont have any ing. en he told me just go to e nurse, but I didnt want. He said at he would go to e nurse and get some for me. Read No More Teacher's Dirty Looks from e story Embarrassing Period Stories by MentalPhanTrashLoser (Alex) wi 3,635 reads. embarrassing, funny, stories.. Mon s later, I saved myself what have been my most embarrassing period story. My p.e. class contained bo girls and boys. We were playing some game. I remember noticing some ing a foot away from me. I didn't know what it was because e gym was dim and I wear glasses:p When I studied e object a little more, I noticed it was my pad. 01, 2009 · lol. ok. I got my period when I was twelve and I got it in school, I didn't realize it till gym which was after lunch. I nearly had a heart attack when it happened cause I didn't have a quarter to buy a pad wi and I was too embarrassed to tell a teacher so basically i went to 3: like trying not to have a heart attack from e initial shock of it. 30,  · My 'period' story: An embarrassing situation at work. We asked you, dear readers to share your funny, embarrassing, humiliating or painful 'period' stories. 05, 2009 · Funny, embarrassing, or first period stories please? Any funny embarrassing, or first period stories? is is e place to put eme. Please I have not started my period and i am scared. 27,  · My first period was a wonderful experience and in large part is is testament to my mo er Shirley’s best qualities. I started age 11, when I had come home from school for lunch. Poop stories–we all have em.Whe er it’s when you had to go really, really badly and ought you were gonna go in your pants (or actually did go in your pants), take solace in e fact at we all have an embarrassing poop story. If you’re too ashamed to bring up your own, we are here to make you feel all e better wi traumatizing poop stories from complete strangers. Most embarrassing period stories? Hey, guys. ought we could all have a moment to lh at ourselves! My story: Way back in e 8 grade, i had ese jeans at I was obsessed wi. ey were light wash, almost white, were flares and had a ton of holes. I ought I was so cool. in my first year as a middle school teacher (eigh grade, 13. Submitted by Carin. My first of many embarrassing moments happened when I was irteen. If you read my story in First Encounters you remember at I had stolen two pairs of panties and a wonderful petticoat from my cousin Bonnie and I kept em under my bed in a storage box intended for preserving dresses. Also in e box were ree pairs of my mo er’s nylon panties and two pairs of e. 52 People Share eir Most Embarrassing Stories If ere's one undeniable tru amongst most of ese blush-inducing, shamelessly ridiculous ual escapades, it's at is innately vulnerable to amazing moments of gut-wrenching embarrassment. and especially when e tension and passion is running daringly deep. is photo shows what can happen when a cheerleader loses his or her focus. While ey were able to keep e girl being rown from hitting e ground, is incident still must have been a tad embarrassing. Cheer Fact: e first nationally televised cheerleading competition in e United States aired back in 1978. It was known as e Collegiate. 25, 2009 · When I got my period, I was in Germany, in a department store, wi my little sister. My mom had gone somewhere else to find my dad, and had left me wi my en year old sister in e purse department. I realized at I had started my period, and went down to e ba room, but you had to pay to get in e ba room, and I had no money. 30,  · Ei er is means I have really horny/dumb friends at can't stop having /don't know how to lock a door, or is is e most common embarrassing story. What He inks: Keep going. 22,  · Don't worry guys, I brought a towel to sit (and sweat) on in e sauna, and didn't try to wear my swimsuit into e nude areas. I'm not a German sauna newbie. I've been once before. at one time was at touristy Tropical Island. I highly recommend .

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